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Memotec NetPerformer

NP_9230_ISO_FRONT_VIEW highThe NetPerformer Satellite Routers combine the functionality of a data router, a multiplexer and a voice gateway in a single device, enabling users to create converged networks and transport any type of traffic over satellite or terrestrial links.

Designed to provide maximum network performance and reliability in low-bandwidth environments, the NetPerformer reduces network infrastructure costs and simplifies WAN connectivity for mission-critical applications. The NetPerformer’s voice and data compression technology, prioritization and multiplexing capabilities and the ability to route all traffic over a highly efficient cell-relay based protocol, make it the product of choice for converged voice and data applications over satellite. The NetPerformer provides a safe migration path from legacy TDM or Frame Relay networks to IP-centric networks. It includes support for the latest VoIP (SIP) standards and robust IP/Ethernet QoS, with eight classes of service and 16 levels of prioritization to ensure that mission-critical applications always receive sufficient bandwidth. In addition, specialty features are available for handling the particulars of radar, voice push-to-talk (PTT) and VHF voice applications common to Air Traffic Control and military networks.

The SDM-9220, SDM-9230 and SDM-9606 Integrated Access Routers maximize network performance and provide superior convergence capabilities to ensure efficient and secure transport of multiple communications services. With support for up to five expansion slots, the NetPerformer protects your investment, ensuring network scalability that matches your expansion requirements.

The SDM-8400 Serial Port Extender enables SDM-9220, SDM-9230 or SDM-9606 users to increase serial port connectivity allowing those products to scale linearly with either 4 or 8 port extenders. The SDM-8400 supports all the same protocols and capabilities as the SDM-9220, SDM-9230 and SDM-9606 Integrated Access Routers.

Its ability to support legacy protocols, specialty voice applications and IP data make NetPerformer ideal for government, military, oil and gas, civil and military aviation authorities, industrial and multi-service VSAT applications.

Together with our Vipersat Management System and Modems or our SkyWire product, the NetPerformer is the best solution for building integrated, feature-rich, lowest OPEX, multi-service and reliable satellite networks.

Memotec NetPerformer (Comtech EF Data)


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