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Fiber Optic Patchcords

FO patchcords & pigtails are made in our headquarter in city of Poznań based on reliable accessories from proven suppliers like Reichle&De-Massari, Senko and AMP.

We produce both PC and APC connectors. Upon request, we made reference patchcords as well (interferometer measurements on Norland NC-3000) and FiberQuick cables up to 24x MM or SM fibers based on BRUGG Cables components.

Teletra Komtrans produced FO patchcords & pigtails with below connectors:
LC, SC, FC, E2000 (R&M), MTRJ, ST.

Quality of our products is confirmed by renewed annually E2000 certificate issued by Reichle&De-Massari Swiss labs.

We also make patchcords in plastic or metal tubes with a diameter adapted to number of fibers, for example 48E in one 50m tube.

Patchcords are manufactured to order with very fast delivery, even the same day.

Patchcord duplex SC/APC-LC/PC SM 5m
Pigtail SC/PC splice tube 0,9um 1,5m
Multipatchcord 12E SC/APC-E2000/APC 10m in 8m tube
Patchcord duplex ST-FC MM 62,5 20m in 19m tube


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