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SHDSL Modems

Teletra Komtrans a broad range of SHDSL/SHDSL.bis modems:

  • SHDSL modems and line cards FlexDSL Orion1,
  • SHDSL.bis modems and line cards FlexDSL Orion2 / Orion2+
  • SHDSL.bis Extended modems and line cards FlexDSL Orion3 / Orion3+,
  • FlexDSL SHDSL.bis MiniFlex IP DSLAM with fiber line cards
  • SHDSL.bis modems FlexDSL Discovery
  • Keymile LineRunner SHDSL-2 modems and line cards
  • SHDSL repeaters/regenerators in different housings

Devices offered by Teletra Komtrans are complex solution which allow to create very long transmission lines (above 10 SHDSL repeaters in line) using symmetrical systems based on copper cables with transmission speed up to 15,2 Mbps per 1 copper pair (SHDSL.bis Extended TC-PAM128 technology).

Available interfaces: E1 120Ohm / 75Ohm (G.703/G.704), Ethernet, Nx64 (V.35, V.36, X.21, V.24, RS-232), ISDN PRA, SFP (GBIC) – fiber module (SHDSL.bis Orion3, V84S modem can work as a converter between copper and fiber lines)

SHDSL.bis IP DSLAM provided by FlexDSL is an interesting proposal, because of possibility to install up to 10x Orion3 line cards, which can transmit voice and data to 10 different localizations from one central point. MiniFlex IP DSLAM can be equipped also in fiber optic line cards.

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