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Modems and cards with different interfaces with transmission speed up to 15,2Mbps over single copper pair or 60,4Mbps over 4x copper pairs with regenerators (IP68 housings) and DSLAM for 10x SHDSL.bis and FO cards. Industrial versions available.

Modems and media converters FOM Modem optyczny FG-FOM16E

Fiber optic mutliplexers with Gigabit Ethernet, E1 (75Ohm and/or 120Ohm), aslo with replaceable plug-in cards with additional interfaces and media converters for mixed SHDSL and fiber optic networks.

Teldat WAN/WWAN Routers Router MPLS Teldat Atlas 360

Reliable routers and modems with full IPSec for MPLS DMVPN networks with backup through LTE and mobile routers that provide WiFi for passengers in vehicles (hotspot application). Alternative solution to Cisco (Spanish-German production) with Cisco like CLI.

Router/VoIP Bintec-Elmeg VDSL LTE VPN router bintec RS353jv-4G

A wide range of routers, modems (ADSL/VDSL/LTE/WiFi), Access Points, PBX and VoIP phones made in Germany. Functional, but easy to configure GUI.

Memotec NetPerformer Router Memotec NetPerformer

Multifunctional routers for terrestrial and satellite networks for corprations and public insitutions with VoIP, compression of voice & data designed for the most demanding users.

Fiber optic patchcords E2000/APC R&M

Production of fiber optic patchcords and pigtails with R&M certification for E2000 connectors. Multipatchcords (many fibers in one tube) and FiberQuick cables. Short lead times. High quality.

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