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4G LTE/3G transmission with WiFi and monitoring for vehicles & trains


Teldat H1-Auto, Teldat H1-Rail, bintec RV120w-4G and Access Point bintec W2002T-n are advanced modems/routers and Access Point prepared for vehicles (buses, tracks, trains, trams and cars).

Thanks to Teldat and bintec LTE routers and Access Points customers can offer access to Internet (WiFi) for passengers through LTE (WiFi in buses), real-time monitoring for vehicles and/or trains with GPS tracking, IPSec/VPN real-time secure transmission through LTE, i.e. for police vehicles, mobile stations, etc., real-time monitoring of remote objects (i.e. buildings). The possibility of simultaneous use of two SIM cards (Dual-SIM) from two different operators ensures that the signal will be transmitted even if cellurar network from first operator fail. Routers can be powered with 12/24VDC.


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